Voice Lessons

As with her own repertoire, Barbara feels that the main goal of voice lessons is to learn to sing various musical genres correctly. Based on the classical style, her method teaches how to achieve the desired sound without damaging the voice.


Of course, you can work on classical pieces. However, if that's not your favorite type of music, Barbara is open to almost all singing styles. Barbara has never forgotten her musical "roots" from the USA and loves Musicals, Jazz and Pop. In connection with her classical training, she greatly enjoys teaching her students these varied types of music. Barbara and her students choose the pieces to be practiced together, because it's important that the student enjoys what he or she is singing.


Free trial lesson

Barbara offers a free trial lesson so that you can meet her and get an idea of her teaching method. Treating each individual with respect and utilising their strengths, positive thinking and constructive criticism are essential aspects of meaningful voice lessons.


Student Recitals

What do you take lessons for, if not to show off what you've learned? With the assistance of experienced pianists, Barbara organizes recitals each spring and fall. You can sing a solo or in a small ensemble, or both. Most important is that you like what you are singing.

Voice Lessons